To replace my account I built a simple CRUD bookmarks manager in Django. It uses django-taggit for tagging and markdown for formatting the descriptions. I exported my existing bookmarks from, and imported them with a custom admin command.


Shaky Isles Wholesale

Built with Django, this ordering platform integrates directly with the bakery’s point-of-sale system, to batch process orders directly onto customer accounts. Customers can view and manage their orders, and view invoices online (or downlad in PDF format) as soon as the order is processed.

Log In Orders Invoices

Unifi Wireless Custom Guest Portal

A custom Django based authentication page for a UniFi WiFi captive portal. The appearance of the page can be customised for each location using the portal, and promotional images can be uploaded to the admin site.

Customer Login with Advertising Admin Site

Rasberry Pi Digital Advertising

A custom digital signage system using Raspberry Pi’s connected to projectors to display menus and advertising.

Testing the projector