EdgeRouter L2TP Remote Access VPN

With the release of iOS10 and macOS Sierra, Apple has removed PPTP as a supported VPN connection. Previously I had set up a PPTP VPN for remote access to my home network, so to keep this working I needed to switch to another type of VPN. iOS supports L2TP, IKEv2 and IPSec, and of these the EdgeRouter only supports L2TP as a remote access VPN.

The setup is fairly straightforward, and very similar to the PPTP configuration. The only real difference is the need for a pre-shared secret in the IPSec settings, and firewall rules on WAN_LOCAL to allow IKE, L2TP, ESP and optionally NAT-T.

The EdgeRouter also requires that we define either an outside IP address to listen on, or a DHCP interface to listen on. My pppoe interface has a dynamic IP, but doesn’t use DHCP, so the simplest option seems to be to use as the outside interface. I assume this means that all interfaces are listening, but in practice only the pppoe interface will have the required firewall rules to allow a connection.

I ended up with this config with seems to work perfectly.

Note that my previous configuration had already set set service dns forwarding options "listen-address=", which is probably also required here.

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