Control Sonos from the Menu Bar using Home Assistant and Hammerspoon

We have a Sonos setup at home which I love. In my office I have a Sonos Port connected to my turntable and some powered speakers. I’ve been tinkering with Home Assistant recently, and the Sonos integration works really well, so I decided to build a little menu bar app to pull up my AV dashboard.

Hammerspoon is a great little swiss-army tool for macOS which I already use for various shortcuts and automations. This is what I came up with, using just an hs.menubar with no menu items, and an hs.webview positioned below it to mimic a menu. It seems to work pretty well.

local obj = {}
obj.__index = obj

-- Metadata = "Home"

obj.window ={x=100, y=100, w=400, h=800})
    :shadow(true) =
    local menuframe =
    local windowframe = obj.window:frame()

    local x = menuframe.x - (windowframe.w / 2) + (menuframe.w / 2)

    obj.window:frame({x=x, y=30, w=400, h=800})

    if obj.window:isVisible() then
            :windowCallback(function(action, webview, hasFocus)
                if action == "focusChange" and not hasFocus then

return obj

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